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Wedding Prep Services

Wedding Party Preparations
This group of young women were in town from California for a wedding. They found us on the Internet. They were especially happy that we were open at 7:00am to get them ready for the big event.

John Paul Pet Hair

John Paul Pet Hair and Body Cleansing Products
Animal friendly pet grooming products from Paul Mitchell …

Natural, effective, affordable pet grooming products
by John Paul Pet
Formulated to the correct pH levels for dogs and cats with the same care, highest quality ingredients and expertise that have distinguished Paul Mitchell salon products and earned international renown and acclaim

John Paul Pet hair and body cleansing products work individually to help your pet look and feel healthy. These products can be used safely on a daily basis and achieve best results when coupled with other John Paul Pet products.

All the products are available at Warners Hair Design, Shelton CT, located in the Huntington Plaza.

Fergie Approved

The John Paul line of Pet Hair and Body Cleansing products is fully endorsed by Fergie, our Mascot

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